Course Overview

Six Sigma focuses on measuring and quantifying the impact of an improvement project. It requires buy-in across the business for the project to make changes based upon those measurements irrespective of personal views. Guesswork and assumptions have no place, it is a precise process. The goal of ProMethIt is to teach you the key competencies required to function in the role of a Six Sigma Yellow or Green Belt, depending on the course you enroll in. As you go through the training material you will learn the competencies listed below in the course breakdown.

Exam Details

Number of questions: 50
Duration: 2 hours
Passing Score: 74%

Course Material/Text


Material included with your purchase is required reading.

  • Online training material provided by ProMethIt. This material includes everything you will need to learn to pass the exam. This material is included for free with the purchase of your exam. It is in digital form, and available immediately after payment.


This material is not required, however, it will assist you in becoming Six Sigma Certified.

  • Gygi, Craig, Williams, Bruce, Covey, Stephen R. and DeCarlo, Neil (Sep 17, 2012), Six Sigma For Dummies, ISBN-13: 978-1118120354
  • Eckes, George (Dec 31, 2002), Six Sigma for Everyone, ISBN-13: 978-0471281566

Course Breakdown

The exact course breakdown will depend on whether you choose the Yellow Belt or the Green Belt program. The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification course covers all material in the Yellow Belt course as well as added material in order to obtain the Green Belt.

Intro to Six Sigma

Learning Outcome: The historical context of Six Sigma being developed. What Six Sigma as a term means. The y=f(x) + Ɛ function. The Principle of Determinism.

  • Quality and Project Initiation
    Learning Outcome: About other quality methodologies ISO, Lean, and TQM. Voice of Customer (VOC). What to consider before deploying a Six Sigma project. How to choose potential projects. The Pareto Priority Index (PPI).
  • The Six Sigma Team
    Learning Outcome: Training requirements. Key Six Sigma belts. The organizational support needed for a Six Sigma project. The responsibilities of the Six Sigma project team and its members. The importance of communications and demonstrating buy-in to Six Sigma.
  • An Overview of DMAIC
    Learning Outcome: An overview of the DMAIC methodology. Basic overview of the actions and dependencies of each stage of DMAIC. The use of DMADV as an acronym for applying Six Sigma to new processes.
  • Six Sigma Tools
    Learning Outcome: Understand how and when to utilize quality tools to analyze and measure results related to Six Sigma projects.
  • Making the Change
    Learning Outcome: Change Management. Culture and perceptions. Gaining buy-in.
  • Being Lean
    Learning Outcome: Lean. Operational Excellence. Business Process Reengineering. Continuous Improvement (PDCA).
  • The Yellow Belt Role
    Learning Outcome: Understand the role and expectations of a Six Sigma Yellow Belt practitioner.
  • How to Use DMAIC in a Six Sigma Project
    Learning Outcome: Understand why and how the DMAIC process is utilized.
  • The Green Belt Role
    Learning Outcome: Understand the role and expectations of a Six Sigma Green Belt practitioner.

Additional Information

Preparing for Success

In order to successfully complete the exam, you will need to make sure you have the appropriate resources to support your learning.

  • A quiet location, free from distraction.
  • Internet access.
  • Current (newest) version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome browser.
  • Take study notes while going through the training.
  • When you are ready to take the exam, you should allow 1-hour of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I fail the exam?

You are given two additional attempts to pass the exam at no additional cost.

Will I receive a physical certificate in the mail?

No, your official certificate and transcript will be available online to view and/or print upon passing the exam.

Will I receive Professional Development Units (PDUs)?

Yes, the Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certified exam awards 20 PDUs upon passing of the exam. The complete Six Sigma Green Belt Certified exam awards 35 PDUs upon passing the exam.

If you have any questions about our Yellow or Green Belt certification, feel free to contact us. Our team at ProMethIt® will help you get started.