If you are interested in taking or are currently taking a Project Management Professional or PMP® course, you will want to know the tips and tricks to pass the exam on the first try. While some exams you can simply study that material, this one takes different methods in order to pass it on your first attempt.

The PMP® course can help you learn everything you need to know in order to start a successful career in project management. If you have been considering taking this course, ProMethIt can help! We offer a PMP® and CAPM®(Certified Associate in Project Management), exam prep course that will prepare you for the exams.

Over time, the students who have taken our course have found a few tricks and tips that allowed them to pass the exam on the first attempt! After signing up for the course and completing the coursework, be sure to read this blog. It will help give you useful information that you may need to pass the exam the first time. If you are ready to take the exam now, read on and start studying to become a Project Management Professional!

To make it easier for you to study properly, we have broken down these tips into an acronym — P.R.O.P.E.R. Read on to learn the proper way to study!


When it comes time to study for the exam, you will want to focus most of your attention on the items that will take up a majority percentage of the exam. Understanding the test structure will help you better prepare for the PMP® exam. Be sure to focus your attention on Planning, Executing, and Monitoring and Controlling. These three areas will account for 80 percent of the questions on the exam. By studying the right material, you will be more likely to pass!


As you begin studying for the PMP® exam, it is important to remember to use multiple resources to study. When you take the course with us, will be using the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition. However, this is simply meant to be used as a reference, not a study guide. Find additional material to study from as you prepare for your PMP® exam; some recommend Rita Mulcahy’s PMP® Exam Prep Ninth Edition and Head First PMP® 4th Edition.


Having a proper outline of the PMP® exam can help ensure you are studying the right stuff. The PMP® Examination Content Outline is the official guide and outline for what is covered on the exam. Using this outline can help you get a better idea of what to study and act as a guide. This outline can be more effective when studying than reading the PMBOK® from front to back. Use the PMBOK® as a reference, but use the outline to study the right material.

Practice Questions

Doing practice questions before the exam can help you better prepare. Scenario-based questions that are formatted in the same way as the ones on the exam and give you a better idea of what to study and what the exam will be like. You can find great practice questions from Rita Mulcahy’s PMP® Exam Prep – Ninth Edition. Be careful of using just any website or app for sample questions they may not even use proper PMI terms, vet your sources.


At the beginning of the exam, you will be given a piece of scrap paper. Do a brain dump on this piece of paper. Write down formulas, logical relationships, knowledge areas, and whatever else that can be quickly written down. This will help save you time and stress when you come to those questions on the exam. It can be difficult to recall some information as you go through the test. You will also want to empty your bladder as well. Don’t waste time during your exam running to the restroom. You will want all the time you get to take the exam!


Be sure to relax before the exam. Walking in to take the test while stressed will not benefit you in any way. After studying for weeks, take the day before the exam to relax and do something you enjoy. Do some yoga, meditate, go for a hike, and simply watch your favorite TV show. Be sure to get a good night of sleep before the exam. On the way to the testing center, throw on your favorite jams and sing your heart out. When you walk in with a clear head and relaxed nerves, you will feel better during the exam.

And there you have it! The P.R.O.P.E.R. way to study for your PMP® exam. While you may have been expecting more technical tips, these come straight from our students who have taken the PMP® exam and passed! If you want to pass your test on the first try, follow these tips and study hard. We know you will crush the test and begin your career as a successful Project Management Professional!

If you are still looking to take a PMP® course, ProMethIt can help! Our course can help you learn all the material you need to know and properly prepare for the PMP® exam. Get ready for your exam with these tips, and good luck! To learn more about ProMethIt, be sure to contact us.